Dolmenwood Actual Play Preview and Print Artworks! New Settings for OSE!

Dolmenwood Actual Play Preview and Print Artworks! New Settings for OSE!

Necrotic Gnome

Dolmenwood Cover Art Prints at Ulla Thynell's Store!

Step into the enchanting world of Dolmenwood with stunning art prints from Ulla Thynell, featuring images that will adorn the covers of the upcoming Dolmenwood books. Each scene offers a glimpse into a different enchanting aspect of these shadowed woods where fey creatures lurk, secrets whisper, and adventure awaits!

• Experience the wonder of the Traveller and the Fairy Castle
• Gaze upon the eerie beauty of the Dance of the Midnight Witches
• Face the ominous visage of the Shadow in the Forest

The above are all available in various formats, allowing you to bring a touch of the magic of Dolmenwood to your home in the form of throw pillows, stationary cards, posters, wall tapestries, and more! Even better, they are currently on sale for up to 25% off—act fast to snap up a bargain!

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Actual Play - 3D6DTL Previews an Upcoming Dolmenwood Adventure!

The always entertaining 3D6 Down The Line crew have uploaded an actual play video series of The Redcap’s Cauldron, a new Dolmenwood adventure written by setting creator Gavin Norman. The Redcap’s Cauldron is still currently in development, but you can follow 3D6DTL’s actual play for a preview of this weird and whimsical adventure.

Start from the very beginning with: Character Creation

Or jump right into the action here: The Redcap’s Cauldron Part 1

Feats of Exploration

The creative crew at 3D6DTL hasn’t only been busy with Dolmenwood. They have also come out with a fantastic new supplement for Old-School Essentials: Feats of Exploration!

If you’ve felt restricted by the routine XP distribution for defeating monsters and acquiring treasure in old-school games, Feats of Exploration is here to help you immerse your players in a dynamic experience by awarding tangible and systematically organised XP for exploration activities.

Completing quests, finding secrets, creative use of items, manipulating NPCs, and other activities all get their just reward in this innovative framework that seamlessly integrates with the existing OSE experience system. Expand your game possibilities by picking up a PDF or physical copy at DriveThruRPG!

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Third-Party OSE Kickstarters

The Isle of Sedra

Gaming Ballistic has launched a new Kickstarter for the OSE edition of The Isle of Sedra, a compact yet diverse setting previously featured in several OSE solo adventures such as Vampire Hunter Belladonna. The Kickstarter includes:

 The Sedra Sourcebook, a guide to the major cities, factions, and conflicts on the island, supporting various adventures from monster hunting and dungeon exploration to gothic fantasy and political intrigue.
 The Scorpion Labyrinth, a dungeon crawl set in the City-State of Tamaz.
 Monster Hunter Belladonna, a new solo-play adventure book.

Backers also have the option to throw in even more of the fantastic solo adventures and supplements that Gaming Ballistic has published for OSE!

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Gary's Appendix Issue 4

Gary’s Appendix returns with another issue of old-school TTRPG goodness inspired by the hobby’s heyday. This upcoming issue offers a diverse array of articles with a particular focus on the sword-and-sorcery genre, breaking down the elements of this classic fantasy style, exploring its influence on RPGs, and offering insights on how to incorporate this genre into your games with minimal prep.

Browse exotic armaments in the Weaponmaster’s Forge, explore the vibrant Pleasuredome city, and expand the capabilities of your OSE bestiary with new options and backgrounds for classic creatures like the Cave Locust, Chimera, and Dragon Turtle!

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Land of Mist: A World Unknown

Land of Mist is a campaign world for OSE with unique and flavourful player character options, including Enlightened Monsters, Gremlins, Rakes, and Hedgewitches. The lovingly illustrated campaign book provides procedures for underwater expeditions, domain management, and mass combat.

Explore alternative magics for rune-casting and spirit totems! Go epic with rules for dragon riding and seeking the path to immortality! The Land of Mist awaits!

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