Carcass Crawler, 2021 ENNIE Awards, Classic + Advanced Fantasy Box Sets!

Carcass Crawler, 2021 ENNIE Awards, Classic + Advanced Fantasy Box Sets!

We have a few bits of very exciting news to share, including the release of the official Old-School Essentials zine, nominations in this year's ENNIE awards, and details of our upcoming Kickstarter. So let’s dig in!  


 Carcass Crawler Issue 1 Out Now!

The first issue of the official Old-School Essentials zine is out now! Each issue of Carcass Crawler is packed with new material for your games. This issue contains six new character classes, three new races for advanced fantasy games, rules for introducing black-powder weapons, optional rules for fighter combat talents, an alternate system for d6 thief skills, and rules for adjudicating the use of thief skills by thieves and other characters. Available from Exalted Funeral and DriveThruRPG.

2021 ENNIE Awards

We’re incredibly proud to announce that the Old-School Essentials adventure Halls of the Blood King has been nominated for 2 ENNIE awards, Best Adventure and Best Cartography! Necrotic Gnome has also been shortlisted in the Fan Award for Best Publisher!

Congrats to everyone involved: Diogo Nogueria (writer), Justine Jones (artist), Glynn Seal (cartographer), Anna Urbanek (layout), Fiona Maeve Geist (editing), Jarrett Crader (editing), Gavin Norman (OSE adventures overlord).

ENNIE Voting is live! Voting will be open until 12 AM PST on August 27th. Go to, select 1 as your first choice for each category we’ve been nominated in, and VOTE!

You can pick up Halls of the Blood King on PDF at DriveThruRPG. The deluxe hardcover will be available at Exalted Funeral from 1st September.


Classic + Advanced Fantasy Box Sets on Kickstarter Coming Late 2021

We're planning a Kickstarter later this year for a 2nd printing of the Old-School Essentials Classic Fantasy box set. We will also be producing an Advanced Fantasy expansion box set! That's the 4 modular Advanced Fantasy books available as a deluxe box set for the first time! We're also excited to let you know there'll be new cover art (artist to be announced)! We'll have more details as we draw closer to the launch of the campaign.

Classic Fantasy Box Set

  • Deluxe box set of 5 hardcover books.

The 5 books in this box set contain the complete Old-School Essentials Classic Fantasy game: the complete game rules, 7 fantastic classes (cleric, dwarf, elf, fighter, halfling, magic-user, thief), full equipment lists, over 100 weird and wonderful spells, a classic selection of over 200 monsters, and a hoard of over 150 wondrous magic items.

Advanced Fantasy Box Set

  • Deluxe box set of 4 hardcover books.

The 4 books in this box set expand the Old-School Essentials Classic Fantasy game with loads of extras inspired by the 1970s Advanced 1st Edition rules: 15 extra classes (acrobat, assassin, barbarian, bard, drow, druid, duergar, gnome, half-elf, half-orc, illusionist, knight, paladin, ranger, svirfneblin), optional rules for choosing race and class separately, 100+ extra spells, 120 extra monsters, and 150 extra magic items.

Kickstarter date: Later this year!

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