Boo! Bone-Chilling OSE Titles On DTRPG Halloween Sale! Horror and wickedness for your old-school games!

Boo! Bone-Chilling OSE Titles On DTRPG Halloween Sale! Horror and wickedness for your old-school games!

Delve Into The Dark Arts — Free OSE Necromancy Supplement

As the spooky season closes in, why not take a walk on the dark side and pick up your COMPLETELY FREE PDF of the Necromancer class and spell list for Old-School Essentials, straight from the twisted mind of the Necrotic Gnome!

Although good (evil?) old classics such as animate dead and death spell are detailed in the OSE core books, Old-School Essentials: The Necromancer is a free resource full of dark secrets for those who truly wish to master the macabre, including:

 A dedicated necromancer class for OSE and compatible old-school fantasy games.

 72 spells for use with the necromancer or other spellcasters including such creepy delights as corpse visagecarrion stenchvampiric touchwall of bonesveil of life, and necrotic gaze.

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A harbinger of horrors to come, Old-School Essentials: The Necromancer is a playtest document previewing content from an upcoming OSE supplement all about necromancy and the undead.

Whether you love or revile the necromancer, don't forget to send feedback on your playtest experience to and inform the future of fear!

Halls of the Blood King 40% Off!

Carpe jugulum and sink your fangs into the acclaimed OSE adventure Halls of the Blood King at a bloody good discount, thanks to DriveThruRPG’s Halloween sale!

Winner of two ENNIE gold medals and a coveted ‘the best’ rating from, Diogo Nogueira’s Halls of the Blood King tempts adventurers of levels 3–5 to plunder the lair of the lord of all vampires. Dare ye enter and face the horrors within?

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Third-Party Old-School Essentials Products

Dark Places & Demogorgons

Dark Places & Demogorgons is an OSE setting with a twist—ditch swords and sorcery for shades, hairspray, and attitude as you take on some 1980s-style horror with all-new classes, monsters, items, and adventures.

Immerse yourself in the dark mystery of classic horror/sci-fi movies as you step into the shoes of ‘80s teenagers facing a series of mysterious happenings and strange disappearances in their small town. Adults are useless, the police are clueless, and it’s down to you and your friends to save the day!

Save up to 40% on Dark Places & Demogorgons PDFs as part of DriveThruRPG’s Halloween Sale!

Buy Dark Places & Demogorgons for OSE - Core Book

Hungry for more horror? Discounts are available across the entire Dark Places & Demogorgons product line on Bloat Games’ DTRPG page.

For fans of physical books, Dark Places & Demogorgons has just released their full product line in print, available directly from the Bloat Games webstore (US customers) or Lulu (international customers).

Curse of the Chupacabra

A monstrous shadow falls across the tropical island town of Santego in this epic location-based adventure inspired by Latin American folk horror and mythology.

This beautifully illustrated, full-colour PDF is statted for both OSE and 5e and features 16 hand-drawn maps, two new PC races, over 20 new monsters, a richly detailed town, and numerous side quests, making it a versatile addition to your home game or as a standalone campaign that can take characters all the way from 1st to 6th level.

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The Murk’s Curse

Venture into a chilling tale of stolen shadows, cursed ruins, and demonic threats in this trilogy of darkly haunting adventures for OSE set in The Murk, a mist-shrouded forest stalked by wicked entities.

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Ars Moriendi

Were you chilled and thrilled by the undead options in Old School and Cool 4? Then enjoy a veritable ghoul’s feast of undead classes, items, abilities, weaknesses, and adventure seeds in Ars Moriendi, a spooky expansion to Knight Owl Publishing’s OSE zine.

Get Ars Moriendi for 20% off on DriveThruRPG, or grab it as part of Knight Owl Publishing’s Halloween Bundle for over 70% off!

Essential Enemies 5: Creations of Chaos

Add more fiendish monsters and artifacts to your old-school game with Creations of Chaos! What foul magic powers the bloody lamp, fuelled by flesh? Dare you venture into the warrens of the rat-goblins? This 44-page booklet, available in print and PDF on DTRPG, details 12 enemies and items to strike fear into the hearts of your players.

Blood Castle

This pay-what-you-want OSE adventure by Chinese creator Oriental Mandarin Legend comes in fresh for Halloween, pitting players against a twisted cult of flesh and blood. Gruesome gore and meaty mutations await in Blood Castle on DTRPG (available in English and Mandarin).

Watch this space for more info on the burgeoning OSE in China in the future!

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