Adventure Anthology 2, Dolmenwood Kickstarter, Third-Party Products and Kickstarters, and More!

Adventure Anthology 2, Dolmenwood Kickstarter, Third-Party Products and Kickstarters, and More!

We have exciting news to share, including Adventure Anthology 2, Dolmenwood Kickstarter, third-party products and Kickstarters, and more. So let's dig in!

Adventure Anthology 2 Coming This Year

We are thrilled to reveal an amazing cover by OSE favourite Frank Scacalossi for Adventure Anthology 2, which will bring together the adventures Barrow of the Bone Blaggards by Chance Dudinack, Cathedral of the Crimson Death by Diogo Nogueira, Shrine of the Oozing Serpent by Nate Treme, and The Ravener's Ghat by Brian Yaksha. These adventures were originally included as PDF stretch goals in our recent Kickstarter campaign, and will be compiled into a 64-page deluxe hardcover format, with high-quality sewn binding! Coming late 2023!

Dolmenwood is live on Kickstarter from August 9th 2023!

Just a reminder that the Dolmenwood pre-launch page is now live in Kickstarter, with the campaign set to go live on August 9th!

Dolmenwood is a fantasy adventure game set in a lavishly detailed world inspired by the fairy tales and eerie folklore of the British Isles. Like traditional fairy tales, Dolmenwood blends the dark and whimsical, the wondrous and weird. We’re launching the 3 Dolmenwood core books, plus a range of adventures, minis, maps, and extras — ready for years of adventure!

Join the Pre-Launch Page on Kickstarter!


Dolmenwood Monster Book Readthrough

Chris McDowall, writer of the acclaimed Into the Odd rules system and Electric Bastionland setting, has done a readthrough of the Dolmenwood Monster Book on the Bastionland YouTube channel, where he delves into the lore of antler wraiths, barrowbogeys, gargoyles, mogglewomps, and more! Watch it HERE!


Third Party Old-School Essentials Kickstarters

Nightmare Over Ragged Hollow

An adventure for characters of levels 1-2, written by acclaimed adventure writer Joseph R Lewis and published by the Merry Mushmen, creators of the wildly successful Knock zine. This is a sandbox adventure centred around a quaint town thrown into turmoil when an impenetrable dome of golden light materialises around the Temple of Halcyon. Pledge NOW!


Gary's Appendix: Issue 3

Issue 3 of Gary's Appendix by Jeffrey Jones – creator of numerous successful Kickstarters including Fane of the Fly God and Scoundrels of Brixton – brings the theme of horror and the supernatural to the spotlight! Articles in this issue include a brief history of the dead, the supernatural history of Britain and Ireland – some favorite myths and legends – written up as role-playing inspiration, the draugr – undead Vikings – an example of how you can use those stories in your games, and more! Pledge NOW!


Wind Wraith

From Lazy Litch, writer of the acclaimed Willow, Haunted Hamlet, and Toxic Wood, comes a generative wavecrawl setting toolkit! Few survive in this new ocean world, scattered among islands. Leviathans dwell in the submerged throne rooms of forgotten kings below. Metal is incredibly rare and wood is costly. The new world has not been explored or mapped. Generate your own flooded fantasy post apocalypse ocean world complete with scattered islands, factions, ancient ruins, and more! Pledge NOW!

Recent Third Party Old-School Essentials Products

Monster Mash II: A Midsummer Night's Dream

From prolific writer Timothy S. Brannan and artist Dean Spencer comes Monster Mash II, an Old-School Essentials compatible supplement that allows you to take on the role, not of a stalwart hero but as one of the monsters! This book features 12 faerie and sylvan-based classes, including Bugbears, Centaurs, Hamadryads, Leprechauns, Nymphs, Pixies, Púcas, Satyrs, Werebears, Werefoxes, Woodwoses, and the Faerie Witch, and more! PDF + print print on demand available from DriveThruRPG.


Age of Wonders

Written by G. Bruce MacKenzie, this depicts a science-fantasy future that blends magical energies with technical anachronism, space opera with planetary romance, and the traditional treasure-hunting elements of fantasy RPGs with the unlimited variety of outer space exploration! All of space is the campaign’s wilderness, and dungeons are ancient alien ruins on dead planets, abandoned pirate outposts on rogue moons, or derelict space vessels floating in the wastes of space! PDF available from DriveThruRPG.


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