US Warehouse Now Fully (Massively!) Stocked Up

US Warehouse Now Fully (Massively!) Stocked Up

You know that shipping container full of Necrotic Gnome books that was on its way to the US? Well, I've got some great news today! First and foremost:

It's Arrived!

It arrived in the US last week, cleared customs, and arrived at the Exalted Funeral warehouse on Monday.

Pre-Orders Are Being Shipped Out Now!

For everyone who pre-ordered from Exalted Funeral, the really great news is that the pre-orders have now started shipping out! Not all parcels have been shipped yet, but they're expected to all be out by early next week. Be on the lookout for tracking codes soon. And once again, thank you all so much for your patience with the unfortunate (but utterly out of our control) delays with these pre-orders!

The US Warehouse is Now Massively Stocked Up!

For anyone who didn't pre-order anything, the great news is that Exalted Funeral is now in possession of vast amounts of Necrotic Gnome stock. And this isn't just a case of "they've got 20 copies of everything and it will sell out in 10 minutes". No, the Exalted Funeral warehouse now has (among many other things) thousands of copies of the Old-School Essentials Rules Tome, Player's Rules Tome, and Deluxe Referee's Screen. In fact, they have way more of everything than we have in the Necrotic Gnome warehouse in the EU!

So if you've been waiting for the stock to arrive before ordering, the wait is now over! Go get it.

What About the OSE Black Box?

One caveat (unfortunately!): the Old-School Essentials Black Box is very nearly sold out, both in the US (via Exalted Funeral) and in Europe (via The print run that we did following the Kickstarter last year has simply come to an end. We'll be getting a second print run going this summer, but it'll be a few months before it's available to order.

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