Revealing the Old-School Essentials Rules Tome 2nd Printing Covers!

Gavin Norman oldschoolessentials

As many of you have noticed, the Old-School Essentials Rules Tome has been out of stock since early this year. (This was due to an underestimation as to just how quickly the print run that we produced following the Kickstarter last year would sell!)

A 2nd printing of the Rules Tome is due to start manufacturing any day now. All of the files are in the hands of the manufacturer, so we're just waiting to get word that the printing process has started. We don't have an exact date estimate yet for when printing will be complete and the books shipped to our warehouses, but we'll keep everyone posted once we do know something more concrete in that regard.

This post isn't about manufacturing schedules, though. No, I wanted to share some art previews! Feast your eyes on the images below, showing the covers of the Rules Tome 2nd printing and the new, limited foil stamped leatherette edition! (Art on both by Stefan Poag.)



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  • Paul Harrison on

    Very happy to hear that a physical copy may soon make it into my grubby little hooves! Bleeeeat

  • Pipeline on


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