Revealing the Old-School Essentials Player's Rules Tome Cover!

Revealing the Old-School Essentials Player's Rules Tome Cover!

A few days back, I revealed the covers for the upcoming 2nd printing of the Old-School Essentials Rules Tome. That's not the only book that's being printed right now, though. We're also producing a cut-down version of the Rules Tome, containing only the player-facing aspects of the game (i.e. the core rules, character classes, equipment, spells, hirelings, etc. — without the sections on monsters, magic items, or running adventures). This book is called the Player's Rules Tome.

This older post goes into a bit more detail on this book.

Until now, the cover of the Player's Rules Tome hasn't been revealed. So, as it's pretty definitively in the "coming soon" camp now, I thought it was about time! Peter Mullen incoming! Yep, that's an extract from the Old-School Essentials referee's screen. I thought the image is so iconic that it deserves to be featured on a book cover. I also like the tie-in between what players will see on the cover of their rule books with what they'll see on the outward-facing side of the referee's screen.

We don't have an exact date estimate yet for when printing will be complete and the books shipped to our warehouses, but we'll keep everyone posted once we do know something more concrete in that regard.

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