OSE Player's Tome Reprint Coming June

OSE Player's Tome Reprint Coming June

Just a quick note to say that the next printing of the Advanced Fantasy Player's Tome is complete and is now on its way to Exalted Funeral's warehouse.

We're expecting the book to be available from exaltedfuneral.com mid-June (probably around the 19th). [Updated 2024-06-05.]

If you want to be notified when it becomes available, click on the pink "Email me when available" button at the bottom of the product page.

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The wait is painful!

David A

Very excited for the reprint! Enjoying playing in an online West Marches campaign using OSE.


>Anything new?

All looking on track for the new books to be available to order mid-June! (Probably around the 19th.)

Customer Support

Anything new?


Please let me know.

Robert Keller

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