Old-School Essentials Third Party Products

Old-School Essentials Third Party Products

We're maintaining a list of products which are released for Old-School Essentials using the third party license (see the license here), so that it serves as a repository of all products released specifically for OSE. (Remember, though, that anything released for B/X or other compatible games is usable with Old-School Essentials as well!)

[Update: There's now a category page for Old-School Essentials at DriveThruRPG, so we're no longer maintaining a separate list.]

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Hiya…. this is a BIG ask… I’m trying to find on Kickstarter OR Crowdfund a possible OSE/OST or B/X supplement or it could be system genric.. I have thw two core OSE books and hard copie of the five adventure books with Tower Silveraxe to sandbox…. However, I spotted a hardcopy/pdf or print on demand book which basically is loaded with random tables to create a unique dungeon each time!!! I stupidly did not bookmark the page or copy the url….if you have no idea, no worries…I also have Knock #1 so I know it’s no that either :D


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