Old-School Essentials Starter Pack at Bundle of Holding

Old-School Essentials Starter Pack at Bundle of Holding

I'm excited to announce the new Old-School Essentials starter pack at Bundle of Holding! The perfect way to get started with Old-School Essentials: a bundle of four PDFs with everything you need to play:

  • Classic Fantasy Rules Tome: The complete rules of the game.
  • The Hole in the Oak: An easy to run, old-school dungeon crawl for 1st level characters.
  • Referee's Screen: A four-panel reference screen suitable for home printing.
  • Rogues Gallery: A set of 21 pre-generated characters ready for adventure.

30% Bundle Discount!

Get all of the above for only $29.95 — that's 30% off the standard retail price of the PDFs!

Go and grab it now! Note that unlike the traditional offers at Bundle of Holding, the Old-School Essentials starter pack is not a time-limited offer.


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