Old-School Essentials Errata Reporting

Old-School Essentials Errata Reporting

When Old-School Essentials books are in development, I put a lot of effort into quality control. With the invaluable aid of dozens of proofreaders, the books are in a very polished state by the time they go to print.

Nonetheless, the odd little mistake inevitably slips through even the most hermetic of proofreading nets. As errata is reported, I do two things:

  1. Fix it in the source document of the book(s) in question. This ensures that the next time the book is printed, the errata will already be fixed.
  2. Add it to the list of reported errata. You can view the list of known errata here, organised by what has been fixed in which version of each book.

I'm very happy how little errata has been reported and that almost all errata takes the form of simply typos, rather than actual errors in the rules.

That said, I'm sure there's errata out there that's been spotted but not reported and fixed.

Please Report Any Errata You Spot

As you may have seen, we'll be printing lots of OSE books this year. (Both new books, new compilations, and reprints of existing books.) Printing new books is a perfect opportunity to fix errata!

If you've noticed any errors in any of the OSE books, have a look at the errata list to see if it's something that's already been fixed. If it's not, then please report it!

How to Report Errata

  1. Contact us: The best way is to email summon@necroticgnome.com. (Also feel free to reply to any social media posts where this blog post is shared.)
  2. Which book: Note which book you've noticed an error in and on which page it is.
  3. What error: Describe what the error is.

Many thanks to anyone who spots anything! With your help, the next generation of OSE books will be polished up even more shiny.

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