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Good news for Roll20 users: there is now an official Old-School Essentials character sheet for Roll20 games! The official sheet (which is based on an older, unofficial one) is being actively developed and has gained a lot of new features recently.

How to Use The Official Sheet?

  1. Log in to Roll20.
  2. Start a new game or click on an existing game.
  3. Go to Settings / Game Settings.
  4. Under Character Sheet Template, select "Old School Essentials by Necrotic Gnome".

(The sheet simply named "Old School Essentials" is the older, unofficial sheet, which has a lot less features.)

What Features Does it Have?

  • Supports all Old-School Essentials Classic Fantasy and Advanced Fantasy character classes.
  • Automatically calculates saving throws, Hit Dice, and attack probabilities for supported classes.
  • Descending or ascending AC. (This can be switched at any time in the settings.)
  • Click to roll saving throws, attacks, ability checks, etc.
  • Attack rolls indicate natural 1s and 20s.


To Wes Baker and Frederick Münch for their great work on this super useful online resource!

Got Feedback?

If you have any feedback on the character sheet, the best way to talk with the maintainers about it is one of the following:

  1. Email webdev@necroticgnome.com.
  2. Create an issue at Wes' github repository: https://github.com/wesbaker/roll20-character-sheets/issues.

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  • Squash on

    Very cool! This works and looks much better than the current roll20 b/x sheet.

    Any chance of adding modules like Winter’s Daughter or A Hole in the Oak to purchase on roll20? Or an OSE monster manual perhaps?

  • Torn on

    This is excellent news! I’ve been running a game using the unofficial OSE sheet and it… has room for improvement, haha.

  • Gavin Norman on

    >Dolmenwood classes supported as well! OMG

    Ha, yeah, only the old classes from Wormskin, not the new classes or the updated versions of the old classes that are in the Dolmenwood Player’s Book.

  • StuartZaq on

    Dolmenwood classes supported as well! OMG
    Perfect char sheet, thank you all!

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