Old-School Essentials Black Box Almost Sold Out!

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You might have heard the rumours that the Old-School Essentials Classic Fantasy Black Box is almost sold out. As we've been getting a lot of queries about this recently, I thought it was worth writing a quick post on the topic.

The Current Situation

  • Our European warehouse (which serves orders from necroticgnome.com, within Europe) has less than 20 copies of the box left. These are mostly the limited edition Peter Mullen cover.
  • The US warehouse (run by our partners Exalted Funeral) is currently completely sold out of the box.
  • However, 50 copies (25 standard, 25 limited edition) are currently on their way to the US! Keep an eye out for an announcement from Exalted Funeral when these arrive and are available to order. (e.g. sign up for their newsletter at exaltedfuneral.com.)
  • Once these last copies are sold, that's it for now.

What if I Miss Out?

We also have a small number of the individual books from the box. At necroticgnome.com, these are available as a bundle under the Black Box product by selecting the Just the Books (No Box) option.

Otherwise, we have thousands of copies of the Classic Fantasy Rules Tome in stock (Europe / US), so that's the best way to get hold of the Old-School Essentials Classic Fantasy game.

Will There Be a Black Box Reprint?

We do have plans for a reprint of the Classic Fantasy Black Box in the future. However, a deluxe quality boxed set of hardback books is a very expensive product to produce, so we may need to run a crowdfunding campaign to make sure there's enough interest to warrant a reprint. We've not decided yet when that might be.

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  • Gavin Norman on

    >What about just selling a limited edition box (no books)? I think that would make a popular Kickstarter.

    Possibly it would, yeah. I love making games, though, and don’t really have any passion for selling empty boxes, haha.

  • Byron on

    What about just selling a limited edition box (no books)? I think that would make a popular Kickstarter.

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