Old-School Essentials Black Box 2nd Printing

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Following the success of the original Old-School Essentials Classic Fantasy Kickstarter in 2019, the game was published in two forms: the all-in-one Rules Tome and the Black Box set of 5 books.


The Rules Tome is now on its second printing, after the first printing sold out in a matter of months! The Black Box is now also sold out, but we've not reprinted it yet.

We get a lot of inquiries about if and when we plan to reprint the Black Box, so I thought it was worth writing a quick blog post about the topic.

Reprint Planned for Late 2021

So the good news is that we are planning a reprint this year!

Producing boxed sets as a very expensive business, so we'll most likely run a Kickstarter to gauge interest in the reprinted Black Box and get a clear picture of how big a print run we should do.

Due to other plans and projects that we have scheduled for this year, the reprint and Kickstarter won't be until the latter part of the year.

Can't Wait?

The Rules Tome is readily available and contains all the same content as the boxed set in a single volume. If you want to get into Old-School Essentials right now, that's your best bet.

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  • Jayson Lasarde on

    I want to buy the box set of Old School Essentials, how do I do that in the UK, as postage via Exalted Funeral is really high.

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