Old-School Essentials at ZineQuest!

Old-School Essentials at ZineQuest!

It's nearly ZineQuest time again! (For those who've not come across it before: ZineQuest is a celebration of RPG zines run by Kickstarter in February of each year.)

Old-School Essentials ZineQuest Projects

There are some fantastic Old-School Essentials supplements and adventures being cooked up for ZineQuest this year. Below is a list of all projects that currently have a pre-launch page / blog post:

Brewkessel: School of Spellcraft and Sorcery: 62 years ago, Brewkessel vanished in a flash of lightning. Now it has returned, its halls full of monsters and treasure.

The Child Thieves: Rats! Sewers! Sacrifice! An Old-School Essentials adventure module from the team that brought you Octhorrorfest!

Creature Feature Quarterly Vol. 5 -for use with- OSE: A monster zine for the OSE/DnD crowd. 16 new monsters with lots of fluff to read, adventure seeds, paper miniatures and VTT tokens.

Curse: The City of One Thousand Martyrs: A systemless RPG zine for ZineQuest 3, exploring the maledicted city of Curse. Old-School Essentials stats now unlocked.

Dreaded Diseases & Amusing Afflictions: A zine made for #zinequest containing maladies both mundane and magical. For use with Old-School Essentials and similar OSRs.

Fresh from the Forge: A content package for Old-School Essentials, adding rebalanced weapons and random weapon generators!

Harrowings #03: MUSPELHELL: A heavy metal dwarven dungeon adventure to steal your soul! Powered by OSE!

The Haunted Hamlet: Four low prep modular locations to drop into your game.

Horrors of the Sepulchre: An old-school horror themed deathtrap dungeon zine adventure.

In the Shadow of Tower Silveraxe: A classic fantasy roleplaying adventure module zine for use with Old School Essentials or Basic/Expert classic fantasy rules.

Into the Wild: A supplement for wilderness exploration and domain management for OSR-style tabletop games.

The Last Valley: This secluded valley has remained hidden from the world for centuries, overtaken by a corrupt cult. What will become of it?

The Many Crypts of Lady Ingrade: A series of short, deadly adventures. Crypts created out of Lady Ingrade's hatred of tomb raiding adventurers.

Old School & Cool Volume 2: An OSR Zine for Old School Essentials.

Planar Compass: Issue 2: Traverse the astral sea discovering bizarre opportunities and dangers in the second issue of this Old-School Essentials zine!

The Soul Sword Forge: A tarot themed adventure module for Trophy Gold and Basic/Expert D&D.

Wild Blue Yonder: A fantastical travel guide designed for use with Old School Essentials or Basic/Expert classic fantasy rules.

Zine 3 Pack of Futuristic Post-Apocalypse and Fantasy: Your choice of 3 zines! For use with DCC RPG, MCC RPG, and Old-School Essentials.

Spreading the Word

Once ZineQuest launches, we'll publicise the list of OSE projects on Necrotic Gnome social media / communities.

Me Too!

If you're working on something for Old-School Essentials, please let us know about it (email summon@necroticgnome.com) and we'll add it to the list above!

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Thanks for the link! Added to the list.

Gavin Norman


Gavin not sure if you saw this, I don’t believe Drew sent you the link since I did not see this on your post about ZQ3 offerings based in OSE.

Thanks for putting the word out for us! This is my first time in ZQ3 and I’m super excited to be working within the grounds if your amazing product!

Drew brought me in as an “unofficial expert” on the rules!

Derek Bizier

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