OGL v1.1

As you may have heard, Wizards of the Coast is poised to release a new version of the Open Game License (v1.1). Parts of the license have been leaked online and it appears that Wizards' intent is to revoke the current version of the OGL, forcing creators to adopt the new version. Whether this is actually legal for them to do, under the terms of the license, is seemingly open to interpretation.

A huge number of games, including our own Old-School Essentials, are founded on the Open Game License. If that license were revoked, such games would be in jeopardy. The leaked version of the new OGL includes some extremely unappealing terms, most notably granting Wizards a "nonexclusive, perpetual, irrevocable, worldwide, sub-licensable, royalty-free license" to use content released under the OGL "for any purpose".

Needless to say, we are making various contingency plans in anticipation of the official release of the new OGL. Once the official release happens and we've had time to fully digest its implications, we will announce any possible alterations to our publication schedule.

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I have just purchased one rules, and am appalled by wotc the proposed ogl. I love the one rules from my fist reading and dearly hope that you will be able to continue to develop, are the one rules copyrightEd?


I just purchased the Advanced rules, both books, as a Xmas gift to myself, and the GM screen. Your product is awesome and it’s going to be the rule set for my Hyborian Age campaign! FYI: Paizo and several other RPG companies have declared they’re taking OGL v 1.0a and rewording it to make an new open game license. you might wnat to check it out at Paizo’s web site.


First thing I thought of after hearing about OGL 1.1 was OSE. I love the way you formatted the rules in a way that is easy to understand and review. I have the PDFs, but I’ve been holding out for the Box Sets for hard copies. I’m worried I won’t be able to get them and I’m worried that everything you’ve created and that others have created with your help will be destroyed.


OSE has been what kept me playing and enjoying D&D, and this worries me greatly. Hopefully things don’t get too sticky.

Glad to see you have so many others supporting you though! You definitely have my support for the future, whatever it holds!

Daniel Horne

Since game rules of themselves are not copywrightable(lol), just start publishing under one of the many other open source licenses.

David Graham

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