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Exciting news: the line of official Old-School Essentials adventures is soon to be greatly expanded! The success of the recent Advanced Fantasy Kickstarter has enabled us to produce four new adventures and do enhanced reprints of two older adventures which are currently almost sold out.

How to Order

If you backed the recent Old-School Essentials Advanced Fantasy Kickstarter: You can select any of the new adventures as an add-on in the pledge manager. (Note that all backers will get a copy of The Incandescent Grottoes and Halls of the Blood King for free! Backers at PDF reward levels will be getting PDF copies of them and backers at physical reward levels will be getting print + PDF copies of them.)

If you didn't back the Kickstarter: Our pre-order store is open until November 6th! Placing a pre-order will guarantee you a copy of the adventures when they ship out next year (currently scheduled to ship in March).

The Incandescent Grottoes [NEW]

Written by Gavin Norman, illustrated by Nate Treme, cartography by Glynn Seal.

A classic expedition into the Mythic Underworld: a bubbling stream cascades into a hole in the earth, leading to a series of pools, underground watercourses, and scintillating grottoes. Adventurers who delve within may discover a profusion of odd mosses and fungi, an ancient tomb complex, the lairs of weird, subterranean monsters, and the hide-out of an exiled illusionist. The Incandescent Grottoes is a companion adventure to Gavin's previous scenario, The Hole in the Oak. The two adventures can be played independently of each other or can be connected to form a larger dungeon.

Holy Mountain Shaker [NEW]

Written and illustrated by Luka Rejec, cartography by Glynn Seal.

The earth shakes. Trees sway like grass before the hungry wind. Again. Chimneys fall like children's toys in the streets of Doll Town. Again. The capstone of the tomb of the first folk tumbles and breaks. The divine carp beneath the sacred mountain is angry. The town needs heroes. Brave souls to enter the deep places, the abandoned temples, the lightless waters at the roots of the mountains. Holy fools to appease the wonder fish. Is service to the community not draw enough? The townsfolk wag eyebrows and mutter and complain. Then admit. There are old treasures there, too. Glittery scales of gold and adamant, yes. But also doors to the other worlds, where demons of disease may be banished, whence lost friends may be retrieved from death's dusty grasp.

Isle of the Plangent Mage [NEW]

Written by Donn Stroud, illustrated by David Hoskins, cartography by Glynn Seal.

Isle of the Plangent Mage takes players to multiple locations above and below the ocean. Areas worth exploring include a hidden cove, an old rickety lighthouse, a small fishing village, a weird island, and a mysterious lair that plunges the to depths of the underwater world. Ultrasonic magics, strange aural puzzles, monstrosities from the deep, suspicious villagers, and beached whales all stand between discovering the truth behind the dealings and the demise of the Plangent Mage.

Halls of the Blood King [NEW]

Written by Diogo Nogueira, illustrated by Justine Jones, cartography by Glynn Seal.

During a Blood Moon, the halls of an extra-dimensional vampire phase into the material world. Local people are dragged to the accursed halls, snatched up for the bloody pleasure of the vampiric Blood King. A horror themed adventure for Old-School Essentials!

Winter's Daughter [ENHANCED REPRINT]

Written by Gavin Norman, illustrated by Mish Scott, cartography by Karl Stjernberg.

Along with the four new adventures, we'll be doing a reprint of Winter's Daughter, now in full colour! Here's a preview of the new colour interior. 

The Hole in the Oak [ENHANCED REPRINT]

Written by Gavin Norman, illustrated by James V. West, cartography by Karl Stjernberg.

And last but not least, we'll also be doing a reprint of The Hole in the Oak, now in hardcover! Due to the different production requirements of softcover vs hardcover, the book will be getting a few extra pages, including a summary of the treasures found in the dungeon. (The dungeon itself isn't being expanded, though.)

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  • Gavin Norman on

    >Will people who already buy a hole in the oak receive the updated version as pdf?


  • Gavin Norman on

    >I missed the Kickstarter and the preback and really want the new adventures. Any chance to buy them in the future?

    Yep, they’ll be on general sale next year, once the Kickstarter fulfillment is done.

  • Gabriele on

    Will people who already buy a hole in the oak receive the updated version as pdf?

  • Johan Nord on


    Bought the black box and hole int eh oak. Now I need more:)

    I missed the Kickstarter and the preback and really want the new adventures. Any chance to buy them in the future?


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