Exalted Funeral UK and EU Stores Coming Soon!

Exalted Funeral UK and EU Stores Coming Soon!

Great news for fans of old-school gaming in Europe — we're very excited to announce that Necrotic Gnome's partner Exalted Funeral is opening stores in the UK and EU this summer!

[Update: legal and tax setup wrangling has delayed the opening of the new stores. Follow our newsletter / social media accounts for updates!]

Awesome! (Who Are Exalted Funeral?)

In case you've not heard of Exalted Funeral:

  • They run a fantastic RPG store stocking a huge range of old-school gaming goodness, including everything Necrotic Gnome.
  • They're the co-publisher of Old-School Essentials.
  • They manage the stock and sales of all Necrotic Gnome products outside of Europe.

UK and EU Stores Opening This Summer!

Coming this summer (estimated August), Exalted Funeral will be opening two new stores: one based in the UK and one based in the EU. This will mean cheaper shipping and faster delivery for people based in Europe. Also: no hassle with customs!

Merging With the Necrotic Gnome Store

Exalted Funeral already handle the sales and stock of all Necrotic Gnome products outside of Europe. With the opening of their UK/EU stores this summer, we'll be fully merging all Necrotic Gnome stock into Exalted Funeral's warehouses.

Stock Relocation in July

From July 1st, the Necrotic Gnome store will be shut down while everything is transferred to the warehouses Exalted Funeral will be using for their stores.

All the New Books!

All of the new Necrotic Gnome books from the Advanced Fantasy Kickstarter will be available in the new stores, once they're open. Check out our coming soon / in development page to see what's coming up.

When Are the New Stores Opening?

Estimate: August. Follow our newsletter / social media accounts to keep updated. (Links at the bottom of the page.)

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This will be great. I’ve never understood how your store sells in Euros but is based in the UK. Hopefully the shipping costs will come down too as they are really high. There are a few things I’ve wanted but shipping to the UK has always put me off.

Bill Roberts

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