Dolmenwood Patreon Launched!

Dolmenwood Patreon Launched!

As my work on the new Old-School Essentials books ebbs (the books are at the printers now!), my thoughts and time are returning to the moss-encrusted glades of everyone's favourite creepy fairy tale forest: Dolmenwood!

Some exciting news today on that front.

The Dolmenwood Patreon is Now Live!

For anyone who craves a regular dose of Dolmenwood, this is your chance!

First up, here's the link:

Why become a patron of Dolmenwood? As a patron of Dolmenwood, you'll have the glorious feeling of supporting the ongoing development of the Dolmenwood setting in the form of the Player's Book, the Campaign Book, and the Monster Book. Patrons will gain regular access to cutting edge (and heavily moss-coated!) Dolmenwood content, as work on the books progresses.

What's in these packets of content? Packets of content will come out as PDFs roughly on a monthly basis. In one month's packet, you might get a section from the Player's Book, featuring a set of new character classes for Dolmenwood games. In another month's packet, you might get a section from the Campaign Book, featuring detailed write-ups of major factions in the setting. And in another month's packet, you might get a section from the Monster Book, featuring full-page write-ups of various weird beasts that lurk in the shadowy recesses of the Wood.

Any other benefits? In addition to these "hot off the press" content packets, Patrons at higher tiers will also receive the final PDFs of the books, once they reach their finished form.

What About the Dolmenwood Kickstarter?

There'll still be a Kickstarter for the Dolmenwood books once they're finished (or close enough to being finished that launching a Kickstarter feels reasonable). The Patreon is aimed at people who want a regular dose of Dolmenwood — and some insight into and involvement in the development process — in the meantime.

Welcome to Dolmenwood Doc Updated

An adjunct piece of exciting Dolmenwood news: the Welcome to Dolmenwood PDF has been updated with new art, design, and content! The PDF now consists of an excerpt of the first section of the in-development Dolmenwood Player's Book. It's a great (and spoiler-free!) introduction for players taking their first steps into Dolmenwood, and also a great preview of the kind of content that will be going out to Dolmenwood patrons.

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