Carcass Crawler Old-School Essentials Zine Issue 1 Preview

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As you may have heard, the first issue of the official Old-School Essentials zine, Carcass Crawler, is in development. I'm very happy to announce that the writing is now complete and illustration in under way!

Free 7-Page PDF Preview

As a taster of what's coming up in the issue one, here's a 7-page preview, including the table of contents, the introduction, and the first two pages of the Character Classes article, giving an overview of the five new classes in this issue.


When is it Going to be Published?

We don't have an exact publication date as yet, but check out our "coming soon / in development" page for up-to-date information on the status of the zine (and lots of other projects!).

Articles in Issue One

  • New classes: Five new character classes! The acolyte, the gargantua, the goblin, the hephaestan, and the kineticist.
  • New races: Three new character races for Advanced Fantasy games! The gargantua, the goblin, and the hephaestan.
  • Advanced armoury: New types of armour and weapons inspired by the Advanced 1st Edition rules and the 1984 Companion set.
  • Black powder weapons: Complete rules for introducing renaissance-style black powder firearms into your game!
  • Fighter combat talents: Optional rules to give fighters a little extra mechanical perk.
  • d6 thief skills: An optional alternative system for thief skills.
  • Adjudicating thief skills: Optional guidelines for adjudicating the use of thief skills and attempts by other characters to perform similar tasks.

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