Corona Virus Shipping Status

[Last updated 2020-05-19]

With the worldwide spread of the corona virus, the warehousing and order fulfillment company that we use has implemented new measures to protect the health of their workers. This means that orders may take longer than usual to fulfill.

Can You Ship to My Country?

The current list of countries which can be served is:

  • All countries in Europe except Greece. (Standard tracked shipping.)
  • Australia and New Zealand. (Express tracked shipping only.)
  • Japan. (Express tracked shipping only.)

Orders in the USA and Canada

We're in the process of sending a bulk shipment of products over to our US partner, who will then be handling orders in North America. While the bulk shipment is in transit, you can pre-order over at the Exalted Funeral website.

What if My Country Can't be Served?

You'll be able to add products to your cart, but won't be able to select your country when prompted to enter your shipping address. You will thus not be able to place an order.

Please check back at a later date when hopefully shipping to your country will have resumed. We will be posting shipping updates to our social media profiles (see below).

PDF to Print Upgrade

PDF products remain on sale as usual. If we're not currently able to ship to your country, we would encourage you to order the PDF of the product you're after and upgrade to the print edition once shipping is back up and running.

See here for more information on upgrading PDFs to print.