Worm Witch [Print]
Knight Owl Publishing

Worm Witch [Print]

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72 page hardcover; 6" by 9"; endpapers printed with tables; includes a fold-out map

An Old-School Essentials supplement/campaign setting written by our friends at Knight Owl Publishing! This book is a companion to The Chaos Gods Come to Meatlandia and is best used with that book.

The Isle of Annalida was once the tranquil abode of the gentle Worm Witches. Then the Meat Lord's army arrived. Now, 10 years later, the players can help bolster the waning resistance of the Worm Witches, join the Meat Lord's army, or wander the still wondrous Isles and discover its secrets for themselves.

The forces of nature desperately try to resist the relentless march of decadent civilization. Worm Witch: The Life and Death of Belinda Blood is an in-depth look at the once-peaceful Isle of Annalida. There are new classes, the Worm Witch and the Worm Wardens, with wormy new spells and new ways to interact with the land. It’s a writhing, squirmy sandbox for players and their characters to explore. But there’s more:

  • More Meat Men!
  • The Meat Lord’s mighty Dreadnought, made of flesh and nightmares and tentacles.
  • So many worms: Zombie worms and Chaos Worms and Slime Worms galore!
  • Caves full of skittering Kaldane!
  • Goats!
  • A lake made entirely of blood that grants great power. Or death.
  • Perhaps a Worm Golem?
  • Goats!!!!