The Chaos Gods Come to Meatlandia [Print]
Knight Owl Publishing

The Chaos Gods Come to Meatlandia [Print]

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88 page hardcover; 6" by 9"

An Old-School Essentials supplement/campaign setting written by our friends at Knight Owl Publishing!

The world's greatest megalopolis strains under the influx of refugees as reality itself retreats from the return of the Chaos Worms, even as the city's rulers violently vie for control. Players are immersed into the grimy, gonzo streets of Meatlandia in this fully "fleshed-out" setting.

Meatlandia is ruled by the Meat Lord and his juicy meat magic. It seethes with intrigue as the stalwart Rust Lord and his warriors, the hidden assassins of Death’s Hand, and the all too friendly cultists of Our Lady of Sorrows all vie for control. None of them are prepared for the great worms that swim up from the bowels of the earth.

The Chaos Gods Come to Meatlandia brings you a ton of role-playing goodies, including:

  • 7 Brand New Classes: The fourth wall breaking Chaos DJ, the reality-altering Nexus Bard, the charming Raconteur, the body-altering Meat Mage, the spider-headed Kaldane, the honorable Rust Knight, and the mysterious Death’s Hand Assassin!
  • Meat Magic: A whole new set of 75 spells for Meatlandia’s Meat Mages!
  • The City of Meatlandia: A great metropolis, torn by Chaos and rife with danger. Includes:
    • Diseases!
    • Rumors!
    • Encounters!
    • Refugees!
  • Chaos Storms: Massive storms where just about anything can (and does) happen—presented with a huge d100 table!
  • Monsters: Stats for 11 new baddies—including Meatimals, Meat Monsters, and Meat Men!

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