IN DEVELOPMENT: Old-School Essentials Post-Apocalyptic

IN DEVELOPMENT: Old-School Essentials Post-Apocalyptic

200+ page deluxe hardcover + PDF.

Publication date: When it's ready!



A complete old-school post-apocalyptic game in the sleek, easy to use style of Old-School Essentials!

  • Character options for campaigns ranging from the gritty (think Mad Max) to the gonzo (think Gamma World).
  • Mutations!
  • Full lists of post-apocalyptic monsters and treasures.
  • Rules 100% compatible with Old-School Essentials Classic Fantasy and Advanced Fantasy. Power levels also balanced, for delicious fantasy / post-apocalyptic mash-up possibilities!
  • Simple rules let imagination and fast-paced action take the spotlight.
  • Clear, modern presentation makes the game easy to learn and quick to reference.