PDF to Print Upgrade

Gavin Norman

As you may have spotted on various banners and social media posts, we are now offering the option to purchase PDFs and upgrade to print at a later date. Here's how this works:

  1. Purchase the book or books you're interested in from necroticgnome.com. (Note: this is important! This offer only applies to PDFs bought at necroticgnome.com.)
  2. Read and enjoy.
  3. When you want to upgrade the PDF to a print version of the same book, send us an email at summon@necroticgnome.com. Just let us know the order number for the order where you purchased the PDF and which book or books you want to upgrade.
  4. We'll send you a discount code allowing you to buy the printed book at its current retail price minus the price you paid for the PDF. (This offer isn't valid in combination with any other special offers like sales.)
  5. Enjoy your printed matter!


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  • Gavin Norman on

    Anthony, when the print product you want is available, just follow the instructions in this blog post to upgrade your PDF.

  • Anthony Holtberg on

    How do!

    I would like to upgrade my Rules Tome pdf to the print when it becomes available.

    My order # is 2781.

    Thank you for doing this! New cover looks awesome!

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